How to use the search bar:

-Find what you want typing in the search bar all the terms you want to search separated by commas (teen, fuck, anal, ...)

-Characters are not allowed.

-You must insert at least two or more diferent terms

-You can't insert more than 10 diferent terms

-Duplicated terms will be deleted

-Any term can't be a substring of other term. (For example 'male' is as substring of 'shemale', so in the search of word 'male', 'shemale' search it is already implicit)

-All spaces between each term will be deleted (For example ' hello world ' will be 'hello world')

-Maximun 32 characters per term.

-Normally a search it takes between 5-20 seconds.

-If it takes a lot more time or give a 502 response maybe your search should be more precise.

-These searches have been made just to avoid searches with delays of more than 30 seconds or 50 errors.


-Avoid using general words. For example the word 'male' will also return as a result the word 'shemale'

-Use niche words. The more you use more precise will be your search.

Examples of smart searchs:

-Search with three or more terms.

amateur, teen, dildo

orgy, hardcore, interracial, hd

amateur, teen, dildo, webcam, squirt

-Search for niche words.

gangbang, japanese

milf, taxi

vr, 4k